About Us

    We are a small family owned business located in St. Louis, MO started by two brothers and growing rapidly.  In today’s world, our society is losing touch with what it means to be Christian.  Rather than telling the Good News, we have the political news and social media that are telling everyone how hopeless things are… not bringing the Hope of Jesus and the Truth. 


    Our nation is divided, our world is turning away from God.  We believe now is the most important time for us to not shy away from our beliefs, but instead wear them proudly!  That’s why we started this business.  We are on a mission to create meaningful and impactful designs that Christians could be proud to wear!


    Christians can be the light and the hope our world needs to bring it out of the darkness, and we want to help you tell the Good News and show Jesus’s love and compassion to a world in need.  Not only are we committed to providing the highest quality apparel and accessories, but also we pledge to donate (tithe) 10% of our profits to those in need. 


    Our Holiday drive will be to raise money for Mana Nutrition- an organization based in south Georgia that very literally feeds the hungry every day.  The pandemic is resulting in a 3x multiplier of hunger and starvation globally, and we must act now to make a difference.  We hope you will join us and join our community!